Credit Scoring Training


Credit scoring is one of the most important innovations generated by the credit-reporting industry today and we’d like to share with you how you can use this solution to make faster, more objective credit risk decisions.
This training programme provides you with a 360 view of scoring from understanding the basics of the credit risk management tool to how scorecards are built and best used in your business environment.


  • Enhance your understanding of scoring, its benefits and uses for the business across the credit lifecycle.
  • Create an awareness of the importance of scoring.
  • Build your knowledge of scorecards and their application across the credit lifecycle.
  • Describe the reasons and importance of scorecard monitoring.



  • Classroom-based learning
  • Facilitated discussions
  • Individual and group activities
  • A final knowledge assessment

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A little more about TransUnion Analytic and Decisioning Solutions:

TransUnion is a global leader in information management solutions. For more than one hundred years TransUnion has brought together data, technology and an in-depth understanding of unique challenges to provide and create advantages for businesses, consumers and communities.In addition to being the largest Credit Bureau in South Africa, TransUnion also operates an Analytic and Decision Solutions (ADS) Division. Within the Analytics and Decisioning environment, one of the biggest international TransUnion operations is based in South Africa.
ADS leverages powerful decisioning technologies, advanced analytics and industry-specific expertise to provide valuable insights to businesses in a wide range of industries. The dedicated team of analytic, statistic and business process experts represent international best practice standards and are designed to improve performance and minimise risk across every stage of your customers’ credit cycle.